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Babies Welcome - The Greatest Showman (PG)

  • Stirchley Open Cinema Stirchley Baths, 2-4 Bournville Lane, Stirchley BIRMINGHAM (map)

Join us for our pilot #BabiesWelcome screening of the award-winning 'The Greatest Showman’ - certificate PG. It’s a feel good movie, great singing and bright colours, that your baby (under 12 months only please) may or may not sleep through; but you’ll both certainly enjoy!


'The Greatest Showman' is a bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life.


Your community cinema experience is what you make it! To help make it a enjoyable one we are limiting the numbers to 30 adults to leave loads of room for you to put your baby down on their favourite play mat, or for you to walk about jiggling and settling your baby at the back or sides of the room if you need to. You can also bring in your buggies or car seats and leave them within reach. We’ll probably open the roof to allow a little bit of light in and the volume will be loud enough, but not too high to protect your little one’s tiny ears.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks. Hot drinks on sale for 50p.

This is the first time that we have organised a film screening for parents and their babies, so we have been doing research on the approaches of other cinemas. We found this on the Everyman Cinema website (London), thought it was fun and also had some pretty good guidelines that we can all work to… (so, this is a complete rip off of their text):

Code of conduct:
–  If baby cries, you have a minute to try and sate him or her in your seat, at which point you should go to the end of the aisle and jiggle her. You then have another three minutes, at which point you should head into the lobby. 
 Noisy snacks are encouraged. You deserve nachos, (mums) you’ve just had a baby. 
– Preferably, nappy changes should happen in the baby changing room, but during exceptionally interesting parts of the film a quick wet change is permissible. 
– It’s fine to keep your phone (on silent and with a dim setting) as chances are you will get distracted, miss critical movie moments and need to check the Wikipedia plot summary to keep up. 
– No shushing, sighing or rolling of eyes – we are all in this together!   


Ticket prices:

Cash purchase in advance from Stirchley Baths: £6*. (slightly more than we usually charge as we need to cover costs with less people!)

Online purchase £6.50 (plus £1 transaction fee per total order)

On-door sales if any tickets are left. We will announce this on social media.

 Please note, if we don't have enough presales to reassure us that we will cover event costs, we might decide to cancel. If this should happen, we will contact you and offer you a full refund.
*Stirchley Baths reception during opening times (Monday-Friday from 9.30am until 8 or 9pm (please check). To make things really easy for the reception team, please bring the exact £6 in notes or coins per ticket.


Doors open 10.15am, so come and grab your seat and have a drink and chat before the film starts with other parents. No pre-reserved seating. Film starts at 10.30am. Film ends around 12pm followed by a little time to chat if you don't want to rush off, while we clean up the popcorn!


Stirchley Open Cinema is being developed by a small group of people living in Stirchley and surrounding areas who believe that film is a great way to bring people together and build community. A Birmingham City Council Local Innovation Fund grant is helping us to get started.